Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Home Building Process

By All Services Building Construction

·         Have you purchased a lot or do you want to combine the purchase of the lot with your new home. Talk to your banker to see how much you will qualify for.

·         Picking out a plan can be as simple as finding one in a book of plans or a magazine. Most of these plans will need to be modified to meet local codes. Make sure and show All Services Building Construction the plan before purchasing to make sure there are no red flags and it will fit on your lot. Sometimes it is better to have the plans professionally draw up by an architect because in the end it may cost the same and you will have exactly what you want.

·         After the loan has been approved and the building permit is procured it’s time to get started. The key for a good start is having the lot laid out by a professional surveyor. Typically today it is done with a GPS (global positioning system) and is very accurate. Now you can see exactly where your house is going to be on your lot.

·         Clearing, digging the footings to get ready for the footings, stem walls, underground utilities and slab.

·         Now we are ready to frame up the home, we will start with the wall where the service entrance will be (electrical panel). And have the electrician set the panel and the electric company hook up the power. It’s much less expensive to have the local power company instead of using generators and spending all that money on gasoline, not to mention the noise output. This will go in the owner’s name but paid for through the loan.

·          After the framing is done will call for a roof sheeting inspection so the singles can go on. With the new roof on and the exterior painted we are waterproof and all the work inside is secure and protected.

·         First we have the HVAC contractor install his equipment, then the plumber and the electrician. It’s time for the rough in inspection.

·         Now it’s time for the insulation, drywall, tape, mud and texture. The drywall finish takes extra time because it has to dry between coats and sanding. Hang all the doors and trim. Now that that’s all done it’s time to paint the inside.

·          The flooring goes in next and then the trim carpenters come back and do the finishing touches.

·         When everyone is done the painter will come back and do any touch up needed.

·         Your house is now complete and ready for the final walk through with All Services Building Construction and you the owner. Anything that needs to be addressed will be marked with blue tape and written down so it can be addressed by the appropriate sub-contractor. Repair will be made if any is needed and we will walk the home again insuring that your home is everything you wanted it to be.

The Remodeling Process

By All Services Building Construction

  • First things first, we have to decide on what it is we want to accomplish, how much room do you need, what is it for, what kind of materials and finishes and then All Services Building Construction  can come up with an estimate for our budget. Now is the time to add or remove items depending on the budget. If this is a kitchen remodel is also time to talk about a portable cooking area in another part of the house.
  • Drawings will be made either by the contractor or a draftsman to apply for a building permit. After the plans are approved the construction can begin.
  • First we will set up as much protective plastic, floor covering, dumpster and whatever it takes to keep the rest of your home as clean as possible during construction.
  • Now is the time when we will remove any walls, cabinets and get ready for anything new.
  • All the new HVAC, plumbing and electrical will be done now and the drywall contractor can come in and make repairs, hang new drywall and mud, tape and texture. A good cleanup and the painter will come in and paint.
  • Next is the installation of any cabinets and flooring. After the flooring is in the countertops are install. Some countertops must be templated before being built and it can take two to three weeks to get the tops after templating.
  • After all this, a final cleaning and the walkthrough with the owner and All Services Building Construction to make sure the you have gotten exactly what you expected.
  • Planning the Home Addition

By All Services Building Construction

  • Has a new family member arrived, is your kitchen getting to small, maybe you want that master suite or larger bathroom you deserve.  Whatever the reason for adding on to your home is you know you need more space.
  • We start out by looking at your lot to see how much space you have to do what you want. Then will discuss what the purpose for the addition is and come up with a level of finishes you would like to have. Alright, now we know how big it is and an idea of the finishes. Now’s the time to also decide on whether you want a gas fireplace, bay window or any other bigger detail.
  • Now we have our plans drawn out and our building permit approved. Let’s get started.
  • Will layout the foundation, excavate the area, do any tree removal, dig and pour footings, build stem walls and install the under slab utilities.
  • After the under slab utilities are inspected we’ll pour the concrete slab. At this time will cut into the roof or any areas that will need to be removed to attach the addition.
  • Framing will start, when done it will be inspected and we can install the roofing and exterior paint so the addition will be waterproof and secure.
  • Now the HVAC contractor can start followed by the plumber and electrician. Time for another inspection.
  • Next is the drywall, tape, mud and texture. This takes extra time as it has to dry between coats. When this is done we can paint the inside.
  • The cabinets will go in next as well as the flooring. Some counter tops need to be templated before they can be made. Sometimes this can take two to three weeks to be made depending on production schedules.
  • With all this done we will install any appliances and do a final cleaning.
  • Lastly we do a walk through with the owner to make sure everything is exactly as they wanted.

The Deck Building Process

By All Services Building Construction

• Deck building can look fairly simple but it is not. There are a lot of items with decks that make them tricky. They need a good design and quality craftsmanship or they will never be right and maybe even dangerous. Stairs, especially long stairs are a challenge for some experts let alone a novice homeowner.
• First we want to find out the purpose of the deck. We want to design for everything from weight capacity to emergency exiting. After the design has been decided on and completed we submit the plans for a building permit.
• After the permit has been approved we can dig the piers and / or stem walls and build them. Also pour the concrete landings.
• Next will do all the framing of the structural members and stairs with all the proper bolts, hangers, hold downs and base plates.
• Before putting on the decking we will waterproof the structural member with either sealant or paint.
• Now we can install the decking, this can be either a composite such as Moisture Shield or TREX product or Redwood. If it is redwood we will install it, the handrail and seal it in place.
• We always suggest using a metal handrail. There is no maintenance. They come in prefabricated and custom welded. With the custom welded you can chose from many different colors because it will get its finish from a powder coating company. The prefabricated has three colors.

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